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If you are thinking of creating a gorgeous photo collage of all your photographs, think no further.  You can do it with CleverBrush, a photo collage builder and vector drawing app, that has been on the market since March 2018.

CleverBrush is a new company started by a couple of young, creative enthusiasts who love photography, art and style.  Theyve developed a few extraordinary tools that will help you create extraordinary designs.  Theyve focused on a photo collage builder and web vector editor, and using your images, and their free app, you can design and create all kinds of stylish collages, share them with your friends or colleagues, and do it for free!  

You can also use CleverBrush for a whole lot of corporate design, including logos, posters, brochures and websites.  CleverBrush are currently working with Web2Print providers Digital Printer companies and Photo Stocks. If you want to do graphic design online, CleverBrush may just be the app for you.  Or the company for you to work with.

The creators of CleverBrush are high-tech, and have embraced the latest technology to its full. You can design a wide range of products, including a photo collage builder, photo gift builder[a], poster builders, business card holders[b], and even t-shirts with logos.  Theyre moving into package design, variable data printing and data asset management solution too.  

CleverBrush is a graphic design app that is high tech, quick, reliable, cutting edge and brilliant.  Their web vector editor and photo collage builder are speedy.  It is possible to replace the customers legacy web2print software,  use the tools, add text, change sizes, fix up images and choose colours. [c]

You can do your graphic design online for free on CleverBrush, and the CleverBrush free and functional services will help you design and create collages and vectors.  If you want to go one step further and work on your branding, CleverBrush are hoping to target the B2B market.  They feel their tools can be used in the production of goods that are used daily in business operations (office supplies or similar), or for resale to consumers. They can help you design and make any printable product. Their web vector editor and photo collage builder are available for you to use and demonstrate on, directly too, at no cost.  

CleverBrush would like to work with you as a Web2Print designer,  designing and selling various web product designs, working with photo collage builder and vector graphics and YOU, any of you who need a collage or vector editor on your website.   As soon as you need a specific product, such as the t-shirts builder, poster builder or business card builder, CleverBrush will assure you of their best attention. They will talk to you, communicate well, listen to you, come up with designs, and ensure you get the best web2print designer there is.  Remember, they can tailor make their Web2Print designs, depending on what you want.

CleverBrush is free for you to do a demo of a collage or vector design,  or as an online editor, and if you just want to work on a collage or vector image.  Collages make fabulous presents.  Take a couple of your photos of you and your friends - they can be old or recent pics - take a look at the CleverBrush website, a graphic design site where you can make a stunning collage.  You can choose size, colours, frames, filters and backgrounds, and really get creative during the process.  The beauty is that your collage wont cost you a single thing, and it will make a fantastic gift.

There are several features that the CleverBrush tools offer, and the App is a lot more than just photo arrangement and design.  You can add text, you can change colours and you can choose shapes.  But you can also work smoothly and quickly, sizing and resizing, scaling photographs, downloading, and saving images.

Take a look at what you can do, apart from making stunning collages and vectors:-

CleverBrush are new on the market.  Their first app was launched in March, 2018.  They have spent months working on their product and are keen to offer the best available, the most creative and the most dynamic designs.  Try out the collage and the vector designs, and then chat to this dynamic team. Tell them what you like and what you dont like - we hope there wont be anything - and also what you would like to see in the future.

We suggest you make a collage right now using their photo collage builder.  You can download your results in a variety of formats and you can share with your friends. And colleagues.  And potential customers, if you are wanting to get into product design.

CleverBrush are:-

CleverBrush, experts in collage, vector and graphic design, will work with you . All work is tailor made to suit your needs.  Chat to them here.

[a]All of these builders: T-shirt builder, poster builder,… are photo gift builders. Therefor we can say something like: You can find a wide range of photo gift builders available: ….

[b]Just ‘business card builder”, there must be no “holder”

[c]I’d say: “You can replace your legacy web2print software with Cleverbrush and make use of extended set of features: add text, change sizes, ...”

[d]It’s like logical operations: intersect, subtract, join, etc.

[e]The process of converting curve to a set of lines.